Parquet-laminate flooring with many advantages

Parquet-laminate flooring with many advantages

Parquet-laminate is much more than just an attractive look and feel. An intelligent multi-layered structure and maximum standards bring a fascinating experience of life.Parquet-laminate has many advantages that are briefly mentioned here.




MEISTER parquet flooring is exceptionally durable and very tough. This is ensured by an extremely dimensionally stable, high quality HDF middle layer, which stabilizes the covering layer and makes it insensitive to pressure.  

Parquet-laminate reduces noise using a very simple principle: greater mass means less vibration. The plank's net weight is increased by approx. 50 percent by using a HDF middle layer. Result: less vibration, less room noise = more peace and quiet  

Easy to install
Parquet-laminate can be installed easily, quickly and securely. The innovative, click installation system ensures maximum installation comfort and a perfect fit.

Healthy living
Parquet-laminate ensures a healthy living place. The simple cleaning and care makes these floors particularly hygienic. All the processed raw materials have been carefully selected and subjected to regular tests at special laboratories.  

You are making an active contribution to environmental protection with parquet-laminate. By using special HDF layer, there is no need to cut lots of the valuable tree on the earth.

 Energy saving
Parquet-laminate transports the heat from the hot water underfloor heating to the surface quickly without any major loss of energy. The reason for this is the low thermal resistance that is achieved thanks to the HDF middle layer. Parquet-laminate even complies with the valid value with floating installation. Not only does this guarantee great living comfort but also improved heating costs.

Parquet-laminate offers a wide range of options with different colors and designs that meet almost any individual customer requirements.