The Best Way to Clean Parquet-laminate Flooring

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flooring

Today, laminate parquet flooring is an amazing substitute, made from imitation hardwood and applied to a firm substrate. It is usually coated for protection, with the ability to be repaired or replaced. If properly selected and installed in the right locations, this flooring holds many of the same properties as wood parquet, at a much lower cost. Flooring is an integral part of your house, covering every square meter; hence you should choose it with very careful consideration. This article lists out some questions you should ask yourself when choosing flooring.



Do you live in hot and humid places?
If you live in hot and damp areas, you must select laminate parquet flooring with caution. While WESEN and ARTFLOOR are water and moisture resistant, they can be used in such a climate and in different places like bedrooms, hallways, and some family rooms and living rooms.

Do you have children or old parents in the house?
If you have young children or old people at home, you need to be careful to buy a parquet-laminate which is non-slip to protect your family from being hurt. Fortunately, Elindecor Company has been able to solve such a problem by presenting WESEN and ARTFLOOR products.

Do you have concerns about health and allergies?
If someone in your family is allergic to dust, shift your attention to flooring types that are easy to clean and do not trap dirt and dust easily. The best choice would be parquet-laminate flooring. WESEN and ARTFLOOR are good choices as they are water-resistant so you can use a wet cloth or mop and stand up without chemicals.

Would you like not to spend a lot of money?
As mentioned earlier, flooring covers the entire surface area of your house, so it is likely to be a significant part of your renovation bill. Besides paying for the flooring, you have to deal with installation costs too, which may add up to be a large sum too. Therefore, you need to choose a kind of parquet-laminate which is easily installed and the installation does not cost a lot.

Are looking for durability?
When in the process of selecting laminate parquet flooring, look for the ones which are durable. Durability give you peace of mind and allow to enjoy your floors more comfortably.