WESEN Baseboards and Tools

This product is made of PVC cover and MDF core and is available in 19 colors. They are well-qualified and well- designed to reduce the level of dissatisfaction among customers. They are easily installed and cause no problems.

MDF Baseboards

This tool is used to divide the wall and the floors.

In comparison with the other products, this product is more privileged because of its beauty and reasonable price.

WESEN baseboards are produced in three sizes 6.7 cm, 7 cm, 9 cm.

End Cap Molding

This tool is used to finish up exposed edges.

T- Molding

This tool is used to create a seamless transition from wood to another hard surface of even levels.

Cove Molding

This tool is used on the corners where it is impossible to install baseboards.


This tool is used in situations where a laminate floor is meeting up with a second floor of a different height.

Corner Guard

This tool is used to cover and protect the corners of wall coverings.