Welcome Spring Festival

As we have received great reports from our customers regarding selling our products, we are pleased to present great offers to our customers.


We believe that presenting proper solutions for such an important issue like Housing, results in improving the level of quality of life.Novin Choob-e- Mehr-e- Mandegar (Elindecor) has always tried to achieve ...

Shahran Tower

Shahran Tower is one of the highest residential towers in Tabriz and also in Iran. It stands at 100m with 31 floors. It consists of 3 parking levels underground which include 195 parking spaces,

Laleh Park Project

Laleh Park project is located in an area of 26500 m2¬ in the 5th zone of Tabriz municipality. Its infrastructure is 19550 m2. This project consists of a trade and entertainment center and a 5 star

Introducing New Codes of ARTFLOOR

As we have received great reports regarding selling ARTFLOOR products, we are pleased to introduce three new codes to ARTFLOOR collection.

Introducing a New Brand

As we have always tried to meet our customers’ demands, we are pleased to present a new line of parquet-laminate and wooden parquet.