ter Hürne Parquet Laminate


The name of terHürne is a synonym for fascinating, high-quality floors. terHürne expresses the sense of uniqueness of life with its selection of naturally grown woods and laminates. For 50 years terHürne has stood for commitment and passion handling wood materials and has established itself as a market leader both nationally and internationally in the industry. terHürne believes that homes are not just places to live in; they are authentic expressions of the various facets of our individuality. terHürne floor coverings provide a new “stage” for living spaces. The diverse wood species, color nuances, surface textures and decors ensure that entire worlds are literally laid at your feet – delve into the possibilities and make your wishes come true.The way we live is indicative of our personalities and moods. Our homes are not just furnished; they also reflect our attitude to life, which is expressed, above all, in terms of color moods in our interior design.This is why our products are divided into five emotional color worlds; each of which reflects its own mood. Each laminate floor designed by terHürne is based on a very specific idea. 

Comparing terHürne with Other Brands:

1. 100% wooden  layer

  The authentic effect of a ter Hürne laminate floor can be experienced with several different senses. At every level, the complex structure features technical characteristics with practical advantages. The very outstanding feature of terHürne parquet-laminates is that their very first layer is made of real wood. This is very different from the other brands.


2.      BeautyMatch

BeautyMatch supports the authentic look of the floor and makes the transitions at the narrow top ends of the laminate planks virtually invisible. The decor appearances fit together neatly like perfectly fitted jigsaw pieces. 


Abrasion class AC4/32: For medium traffic as found in nursery schools, offices, waiting rooms or boutiques.

4.1.      Performance 32 / AC4 (IHD-W-467)

terHürne floors have the maximum performance class rating of 32 (in accordance with DIN EN 15468), proving their durability. Wear was determined separately in accordance with the stringent Works Standard IHD-W-467. 

5.1.      AntiSlip

Extremely design categorised as non-slip class 10 (DIN 51130) make terHürne -Floors particularly stable and safe. 

6. ClickTec

The ClickTec installation system permits a glue-free and tool-free installation. The self-aligning planks ensure an extremely stable connection that is immediately ready for use.  Installing CLICKitEASY brings genuine advantages:

  • Particularly convenient and simple assembly
  • Extremely quick and clean installation
  • Installation without any hammers or tapping block
  • No material damage
  • Strong connections at the top and longitudinal edges
  • Easy removal, should it ever prove necessary


The floor is usually glued throughout, particularly in new building projects. The comfort underfoot on glued floors is outstanding and footfall sound is extremely reduced. 

8. Quiet underfoot

The underlay materials from terHürne provide quite considerable sound insulation. They reduce not only the sound that is generated in the room itself (footfall sound), but also noise that can be heard in the room below (impact sound). Noises not only become less perceptible; their tone is also deepened, which makes them more pleasant for the ear. The terHürne range of accessories also includes underlay material for floating installation which is particularly suitable for use on warm water underfloor heating systems. 

9. Aqua protected

Every floor comes regularly into contact with water or moisture. The protection against swelling ensures that water does not penetrate the floor.All terHürne laminate floors are based on highly compressed HDF base boards with particularly good protection against swelling

10. Middle layer

TerHürne uses a middle layer made from transverse solid pine wood strips for planks and strip floors. The special gluing method provides extremely good stability. In order to give the top connections the best possible fit and stability, special top pieces made from MDF are used.

TerHürne Certificates

terHürne is regularly tested and certified by independent institutions. A very high quality standard is created by its health and functional properties.

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